Welcome to the Biomedical Data Analysis Group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland. This server offers information such as people, open positions and a list of publications. The PredictHaplo software for reconstructing haplotypes from next generation sequencing data can be found here: PredictHaplo

Paper awards:
Sandhya Prabhakaran received the ACML 2012 best student paper award (together with Karin Metzner, Alexander Boehm and Volker Roth) for the paper "Recovering Networks from Distance Data".

Julia Vogt and Volker Roth received the DAGM 2010 prize for the paper "The Group-Lasso: l_1,\infty Regularization versus l_1,2 Regularization".

Julia Vogt, Sandhya Prabhakaran, Thomas Fuchs and Volker Roth received the ICML 2010 best paper award runner up for the paper "The Translation-invariant Wishart-Dirichlet Process for Clustering Distance Data".

Contact Information

University of Basel
Prof. Dr. Volker Roth
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Room 06.003
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E-mail: Volker.Roth@unibas.ch
Phone: + 41 61 267 0549, Fax: + 41 61 267 0559

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